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Episode 54: Matan Dubrushin of Otorio

This episode will look at a company called Otorio which is looking to make the world more secure.Every second, the world becomes more connected. And with infinite inter connectablity comes infinite risk. There are people--from guys in their mom's basement to ransomeware gangs to shadowy state actors--with a mission to break into systems to wreak havoc. Focus on cybersecurity has never been more important--and as we'll hear, will only become more important which each passing day. We had a conversation with Matan Dubrushin who is going to walk us through what Otorio does and the risks they work to mitigate.

Matan Dobrushin is a cyber security researcher for OTORIO with vast experience in both Informational and Operational technologies, along with researching & implementing complex systems. In his current work, he manages more than a dozen leading security researchers that explore novel threats and OT technologies research projects. Prior to OTORIO, he served as a commander in Israel's IDF elite cyber units, and in his free time, he is one of the founders and the general manager for the non-profit IDF Cyber-Defense alumni association.

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