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Episode 47: Michael Mazur of Colu 

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Getting people to do certain things can be tough. It's only natural to do things in your self-interest. Online shopping can be more convenient and cheaper instead of shopping locally. Taking your car from point A to B can be faster. So how can a city change this? By incentivizing the desired behaviour. Okay, how? Michael Mazur is with an Israeli-based company called Colu. They're working with towns and cities to change behaviours and mindsets.

Michael is a dynamic and forward-thinking entrepreneur with a passion for innovation. He has a proven track record of success in the fields of technology and government, with a particular focus on smart cities, public-private partnerships, and electric vehicle charging.

Michael is a Co-Founder of the UrbanChange Protocol, which uses web3 technology and an incentive-based dual token model to build stronger and more impactful communities. In his role as COO of Colu, he leads the company's expansion efforts and manages its operations, working closely with his team to develop strategies that help cities innovate.

Prior to joining Colu, Michael was the COO of Greenspot, where he played a key role in shaping state and municipal policies related to electric vehicles and shared mobility. He has a deep understanding of the intersection of innovation, technology, and government, and is highly skilled in go-to-market strategy.

In his free time, Michael enjoys cooking, playing basketball, and listening to podcasts.

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