40 year veteran of the transportation and parking industry. early champion for the Smart City

Mr. Furlane has over 40 years of technology experience specializing in the Transportation, Network Security, and Parking industries. Mr. Furlane has invested in business ventures in Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, and Shanghai starting in 1989. He has been involved in over 500 million dollars in technology investments and was contracted to lead the initiatives of several large, public IT companies. Mr. Furlane aggressively built three transportation technology companies that established the vanguard for tracking and monitoring vehicle movement. His companies developed and sold integrated control systems for major airports, hospitals, and parking lot management companies. Several awards include TIE50 top technology award Silicon Valley, Ted Seaburg award and others. Past and Future investments include Entertainment. Restaurants, Film , Sports teams . Past Chairman of BC Neurological Society( BC centres for ability) and Chairman for Have a Heart for Down Syndrome.